by Equa bank team

Banks are seen in the IT world as conservative institutions that hands are tightened up with regulations. At the same time they face to a growing strain of start-ups and fintech companies. Equa bank has stepped into this as a new and small bank that has been going through a very boisterous transformation from a clearly internet bank to the bank with branches and a complete set of products. How could it improve its chances to ensure a success? Shortening its time-to-market cycle of IT development by using automation. Come to hear much practical experience not only in the field of testing. And of course not only positive, fuckups come up often too.

Speakers’ bio

Honza Jirout, a professional in charge of development in Equa bank. He started as a developer a few years ago and he has been still helping with it. He likes new technologies and changes which are connected to them and essential for their implementation and usage. Currently he and his team are working on Docker project, deployment and release.
Jirka Koten is currently leading a team of analysis and architecture in Equa bank. His career started at the position of integration analyst in GE Money and after some time he reworked to enterprise architecture via various integration positions. Even though he has not been able to explain his parents his job in many years, he still enjoys it very much.
Blanka Rabhi, is a workaholic boss QA&Testing in Equa bank, where she also rotates in her positions to gain other experience and knowledge mainly in PM, architecture area and so on. She has been in IT for about 12 years. Blanka is also working on her postgraduate degree at Charles University and she is doing many other things to keep the pace of the present days.