Miroslav Renda, Test Manager, tesena

We encounter some form of risk in every minute of our lives. Software development projects including the testing part of the project are no exception. During the workshop we will explain what the risks are and go through the risk management process. We will start with the categorization of risks into project and product risks and then dig deeper into the particular phases of the risk management process – identification, analyses, planning & implementation of mitigation measures and continual monitoring of risks. The attendees will see many practical examples of risk-related artefacts such as risk identification mind map, risk matrix, risk log, and others. The attendees will gain familiarity with the risk management process through many practical exercises.

This workshop will take place on 4th of October (8:30 – 12:30) in the training room of Etnosvět at I.P. Pavlova. Registration will be possible in mid-September, organizers will contact you. Tickets are available here.