Practical Test Analysis

Enough of theory! Learn in one day how to handle Test Analysis in praxis.

Course Goals:

This one-day workshop will teach you how to handle test analysis in reference to a software development lifecycle and documentation quality. You’ll also learn how to effectively estimate test analysis and test execution efforts. Furthermore you will find out how to prioritize correctly under time pressure.

Finally you will get a bunch of tips and tricks from real project experience. Then you’ll have an oportunity to try them in several practical exercises.

Key Topics:

  • Agile project test analysis
  • Waterfall project test analysis
  • Test Analysis based on type of documentation (functional, technical, none)
  • Database and integration projects test analysis
  • High level and Low level test analysis
  • Effort estimation
  • Prioritisation
  • Risk analysis
  • Revision


Upcoming Courses

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Practical Test Analysis
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Practical Test Analysis
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Practical Test Analysis
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