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Magic with Postman

An online self-study course on Postman and API - REST for testers and developers alike

This online self-study training course is currently in it’s final stage of preparation.

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Course goals:

A website or a mobile app. They both communicate with one layer on the background – the backend.

You will learn how to test the backend during this course. We will focus on the most common type of API. Thanks to this course you will learn the basics of API which will be useful later if you are planning on testing GraphQL. We will use the Postman application to send requests to the server and validate answers. We will verify that the backed matches the structure that the frontend (client) expects. You will learn how to understand the documentation and think of scenarios that can take place. Using API, you will be able to simulate the client and create testing data which will also help you while testing the frontend.

The training is not only for testers who want to learn how to test API but also for developers that develop API and want to verify their work.

Key Topics:

  • What is Rest API
  • How to understand the API documentation
  • How to write automatic test in Postman while using the documentation
  • How to write maintainable tests
  • How to communicate with the backend and prepare data for testing the frontend
  • How to authenticate within a request and which ways we know

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