Podcast #1: What are those Test Automation Patterns?

In reference to Test Automation Patterns course opening in June in Prague, one of our senior colleagues, Richard Taylor, questioned Seretta Gamba. As one of Patterns authors, she speaks about her way into test automation and motivation for the development of this course.

She speaks with Richard about mapping these so-called Patterns on her own, later with Dorothy Graham when she started being more interested in the subject.
They have been carrying on in this problematic together with Dorothy, and one of the products was also the Test Automation Patterns course.
Seretta found the Patterns useful particularly in knowledge transfer to teams she was working with.
As she admits, knowing at least a part of it would have saved her lots of time.
Let her introduce you to what she and Dorothy mean by Patterns in more detail, and start inventing your own solutions. Let her give you advice on how to push your knowledge and experience in test automation to the next level.

Should you be interested in the course details
look here



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