PL/SQL for Test Automation

Learn the basics of PL/SQL - an extension of Oracle SQL - Learn how it can be used to run tests in a loop, verify the query results against expected outcomes and log the test runs

Course goals:

Most database tests can be described in a simple way – verify that a field meets the specified requirements and if it does, the test passes. All such tests have a unified way to state expected results – either the fields are always equal or they’re not. These tests can be automated.

This course aims towards this automation. We will learn the basics of PL/SQL – a procedural extension of Oracle SQL.

You’ll see how it can be used to run tests in a loop; Verify the query results against expected outcomes and also log the test runs. All this will allow the tester to run a script in the evening and check the results in the morning, verifying reported incidents.

Key topics:

  • Modifying existing tests so they can be automated
  • Importing tests into a database
  • Creating a procedure and auxiliary functions that will run specified tests
  • Understanding the procedure that logs the test results into a logging table


  • This course is very technical
  • Most basic and some advanced SQL techniques
  • Knowledge of basic query structure, sub selects, and the basic types of joins
  • Knowledge of DML and DDL commands will be useful but not necessary
  • Previous programming experience is not necessary at all

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PL/SQL for Test Automation
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