by Marawan Abdelhady, Soundtrack Your Brand

Whether you are in the progress of digitizing your business or you are already there sooner or later your application needs to scale with your business. Your clients may use many different kind of devices and platforms to access your services and that puts a lot of effort QA. So how can QA adapt to the new digital world when applications are running in the cloud? Once the applications has been deployed to production how do QA keep testing and debugging in productions environment? We will showcase how to efficiently and effectively test application across all platforms. And how to monitor the services to ensure they are always available.
The presentation will handle the topic of the challenges of testing the same code on different platforms and why the results might be different. Will also touch on the advantages of testing on multiple platforms.

Speaker’s bio

Marawan has been working with QA for the last nine years across many industries. He started out as a consultant and currently holds the position as Test Lead at Soundtrack Your Brand. Marawan’s responsibility is to continuously improve the products quality through testing and test automation but also developing a sustainable test strategery.