Knowledge and Experience

Take advantage of the extensive knowledge and experience of our Software Testing Consultants. They can help get your organization started in testing, improve what you already have or help you get problematic software programmes out of trouble…

Testing in the Organization

Every organization should define their ground rules about what they expect from testing and how it should be approached.

Whether you follow an agile or sequential development methodology, our Test Consultants can help you to define your organizational level test strategy and methodology.

Then  they can help you to define and implement the testing organization, processes and tools required to implement this strategy.

Testing in
a Project

Early and proper planning before the testing phase are key for successful testing in a project. Our Test Consultants will first identify and analyse the project scope and risks.

They will then define the what, how, when and who for test preparation and execution, ensuring that this is communicated and agreed with all stakeholders.

During the testing phase our Test Consultants can support the Test Manager and adjust test strategy and plans based on changing project scope, risks and timelines.

Test Process Improvement

Improving your test process can help reduce overheads, increase effectiveness, and make your organization a more satisfying place to work for your testers.

Our Test Consultants have extensive practical experience in performing test process improvement assessments using a number of different methodologies.

After the assessment is completed we can then support you in implementing the changes, whether they be quick wins or longer term improvements.

Test Process

A lightweight but highly effective structured analysis of your test process focused on smoking out the major issues and enable us to identify and prioritize actionable steps that lead to measurable improvements. We can execute a limited screening service for free.


  • Goal definition
  • Structured customer interviews
  • Analysis
  • Measurement of the your test process maturity level with highlighted areas of weakness
  • Generation of ideas and recommendations for improvements and suggested prioritisation.


A crisis in testing can arise in both sequential and agile environments, but many times the root cause of the problem can be elsewhere.

A project may carry too many unresolved issues forward into the testing phase, underestimate the complexity and effort required to test the solution, or meet with unexpected issues. In an agile team there can be problems in collaboration, communication, processes and tools.

All this increases the risk that your testing team will become overwhelmed, that software delivery will be delayed and that critical defects will get through to your customers and affect your business. Our Test Consultants can help you identify and address these problems and get testing back on track.

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