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Tesena’s Klikaton is a special bug-hunting meetup designed for everyone involved or interested in software testing.

It is intended for those who want to share their experience and develop their professional skills as well as individuals who want to have a good time with their friends and colleagues. The people with the highest number of valid bugs will win a special price.

This event is also suitable for startups developing great apps and want to be sure everything works as it should. One of our goals is giving companies the opportunity to create an even more exciting product.

So if you are an avid tester, are simply interested in software testing or if you have a product and want to improve it’s quality you’ll be able to find your place in Klikaton.

Reach out to us to have your product tested!

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Tesena may be taking reportage photos during the event.

Our past events

9 April 2020Klikaton online with ČVUT
(FreMEn contra COVID)
27 February 2020Klikaton with PSN
12 December 2019Klikaton with Liftago
17 September 2019Klikaton with Showmax
17 April 2019Klikaton with Zoot
21 March 2019Klikaton with Twisto

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