by Alexandr Petrov, Raiffeisenbank

Let’s go back to around the middle of 2015 when our company had no experience of testing automation. We had no idea of which tests to automate, tools to use, the test team was carrying out only manual tests. IT considered automation tests to be hacking. Another side of the story was that management and shareholders pushed for cost savings to implement IT projects and test automation was considered one of the ways to achieve this.
Looking for a way to best describe a form of our motivation that led to acceptance of the offer from tesena and illustrate the contents of the presentation I am coming to expressions such as “pioneering, challenge, disillusion, commandos, going extra miles, returning to design boards, raising the bars … and a little exaggerated, I dare to say that I will describe real examples of these terms from our path to test automation.

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Speaker’s bio

My professional career has been linked to information technology all the time. In nearly 30 years of experience in the banking sector, I have worked in many IT roles.
I started my career as a developer of banking applications and core banking of Investiční banka (now ČSOB). Subsequently, I went to managerial roles within banking application development departments. In 2003, I moved to Raiffesenbank, where I gradually held the position of application development manager, project manager, project manager and a current role of Quality Assurance.
During my professional career, I have been involved in or managed the delivery of various projects, the most significant were the implementation of Core banking systems Profile / Investment Bank and Finance / Raiffeisenbank, ISPS – Branch System / Postal Savings Bank, Call Center, Debt Manager, SIebel … all at Raiffeisenbank.
In addition to project implementation, I have managed IT and IT supplies within bank mergers, such as the merger of Investiční and Poštovní banka, Raiffeisenbank – eBanka, Raiffeisenbank – City Bank, … Since 2015, I have been the Head of Quality Assurance at Raiffeisenbank, where we began with testing automation in 2016.