ISTQB Advanced Level Test Automation Engineer

The Advanced Level Test Automation Engineer qualification is aimed at people who have already achieved an advanced point in their careers in software testing and wish to develop further their expertise in automation testing. The modules offered at the Advanced Level cover a wide range of testing topics.

The course covers the following subject areas

Introduction and Objectives for Test AutomationPreparing for Test AutomationThe Generic Test Automation ArchitectureDeployment Risks and ContingenciesTest Automation Reporting and MetricsTransitioning Manual Testing to an Automated EnvironmentVerifying the TAS & Continuous improvement
Purpose of Test AutomationSUT Factors Influencing Test AutomationIntroduction to gTAATest Automation Approach and Planning of Deployment/RolloutSelection of TAS MetricsCriteria for AutomationVerifying Automated Test Environment Components
Success FactorsTool Evaluation and SelectionTAA DesignRisk Assessment and Mitigation StrategiesImplementation of MeasurementAutomation within Regression TestingVerifying the Automated Test Suite
Design for Testability and AutomationTAS DevelopmentTest Automation MaintenanceLogging of the TAS and the SUTAutomation within New Feature TestingOptions for Improving Test Automation
Test Automation ReportingAutomation of Confirmation TestingPlanning the Implementation of Test Automation Improvement

Test Automation Engineer Brochure

Upcoming Courses

Training Date Language Location
ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer
May 20 – 22 English Prague Request Offer Buy Now
ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer
November 09 – 11 Czech Prague Request Offer Buy Now

Training for Companies and Groups

For your team or group we can provide tailor-made training courses and conduct training onsite or at a location of your choice, on a date that is convenient for you. Please contact us for more information.

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