by Miroslav Bureš, Czech Technical University in Prague

The Internet of Things is slowly but constantly becoming reality for common people, shifting from toys for techies to useful applications and systems in many various areas. Will it become our natural reality in 5 years horizon? In any case, the area brings lot of technological and software challenges and proper quality assurance is not an exception. Internet of Things differs from Internet we are used to in many significant specifics. Also the testing of IoT solutions is quite specific in certain areas. What is so different from the standard Internet applications? What are the challenges? How to test the IoT applications efficiently? Do we need to re-define testing methods to work efficiently for IoT? What we can expect in following five years?

Speaker’s bio

Consultant, trainer and researcher in software testing methods. Spent more than 10 years by various software testing jobs: test manager, line manager of testing department, consultant and supervisor of test automation projects, industry trainer, university lecturer in software testing and researcher in quality assurance. Recently established new research group STILL (Software Testing IntelLigent Lab), located in the Czech Technical University in Prague.