by Marián Šuch, Orbisys

The talk discusses the most costly mistakes and blunders in aerospace industry (satellites, rockets launches, etc.). Some of these mistakes were caused by human error that was made possible only through faulty design or bad management. Some were interface mismatches between 2 groups of people. And some were purely programmer mistakes. The talk discusses wide spectrum of reasons for these failures. Moreover, cost of these mistakes and the cost of preventing them from happening will be discussed, as well. The talk was initially developed for a small technical audience and has since evolved to be more accessible for general audience. Most recently, it has been updated with information on some of ESA’s most recent mission failures.

Speaker’s bio

Marián started his career as an Unix engineer for Hewlett-Packard. Later, he worked as a lecturer of Unix, Linux and database advanced classes, primarily for bank sector customers of HP. His interests led him to aerospace industry where he performed first as a software engineer and later on as a system engineer and project manager for payloads on MetOp-SG and Solar Orbiter satellites. Currently he leads the development of advanced phased-array ground stations.