by Petr Říha

What will you learn?

Transformation of Cemex (the second largest building materials company worldwide) by Neoris in to digital world using agile methodology in 25 countries for 35 000 users.

What is the journey and current state of CEMEX GO solution as the first step in to digital age for the client.

Why agile approach was selected and how is used by Neoris/CEMEX and Tesena.

Experience and lessons learned from multicultural working environment in Neoris Prague and how to communicate with Mexico, Spain and India offices.

Testing strategy and tester’s participation in scrum and combined teams with help of Tesena.

Collaboration of internal and external people in Scrum and test teams.

What we have learned from the past and what are plans for future in Neoris.

Presentation Preview

Speaker’s bio

Petr Riha is working as QA manager in Neoris Czech where he is part of the digital transformation of Cemex company (second largest building materials company worldwide). In this position he has opportunity to experience pros and cons of agile mindset change and how it affects testing, quality and whole software development process. In past Petr played role of Global QA manager in the financial industry, trading of derivatives leading and coordinating test teams in Prague, London, Chicago and India.

  • Where you see Software Testing in future (in next 5 to 10 years)? More integrated to the development test cycle. The test automation will be important part of testing, but test analysis and test design will play significant role.
  • Is testing long-term dream job forever or just on step/stop on your life journey? I do not plan so far. Can be both, but evolution is important and I would like to meet new opportunities to move. It doesn’t matter if in testing or another job, the quality matters across all jobs and industries.
  • What is the biggest obstacle or roadblock in SW testing that is slowing down improvement and innovation? People mindset and their attitude are critical for any projects and any phase. The same is with testing.