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This is Tesena

We believe that the most important thing in software testing is PEOPLE. Tesena was founded 10 years ago by two highly experienced enthusiasts with the vision of making the field of Testing smarter. Hence our slogan, 'Smart Testing.' That's why we continuously recruit people who enjoy testing and are dedicated to the continuous improvement of both themselves and, consequently, the entire Testing community.

Tesena Labs

Our people have the opportunity to enrich their usual projects by joining our research teams, known as “Tesena Labs.” We are exploring ways to use new technologies to improve our delivery or bring new products to market. Currently researched areas include AI and machine learning, Security testing, No Code/Low Code Automation, Mobile Test Automation, and Accessibility Testing.

Flat Organisational Structure

We are pioneers in self-organizing. Teseners can influence our company strategy, culture, or internal processes such as compensation, learning, and development.

Personal Development

Tesena supports career growth through a wide range of people’s development activities such as webinars, focus groups, and internal knowledge sharing. Every employee has a budget for training courses, boot camps, conferences, mentoring, and therapy sessions.

Hi, my name is Lucie and I take care of hiring in Tesena. Let's discuss your future career in quality engineering. That's what we do, that's what we love. We can help you grow, gain new skills and succeed. As a non-hierarchical company we offer freedom and the opportunity to gain experience you won't get elsewhere. You can be part of strategic decisions and directly influence the success of the whole company.

Unlock Your Testing Potential

Expand your testing skills by gaining experience in a variety of projects and industries.

Learn advanced testing techniques and tools for manual testing, test automation, integration, or performance testing.

A dedicated team leader/mentor will guide you through your career, whether you choose a technical or leadership path.

We operate in banking, pharma, automotive, telco, and tech companies.

We will also support you during the intervals between projects.

Meet our experts - Join our team!

Lucka leads a team of testers automating tests in Robot Framework and Postman for a client in Mexico. She oversees the smooth operation of a system used by 30,000 users across 21 countries.

What does she value most about her team?

"At Tesena, we have people who truly aspire to be the best in testing while supporting each other. Everyone is constantly learning, sharing experiences with colleagues, and as a result, each of us grows rapidly."

Lucie Lavičková
Senior Test Engineer

Over the past two years, Tomáš has advanced to a senior position and plays a role in the career development of his colleagues.

What does he enjoy most about his work?

"At Tesena, I have the opportunity to attend interesting conferences and professional training sessions. I enjoy constantly learning and discovering the advancements in testing and its automation. At the same time, I've been given the opportunity to train others, allowing me to pass on my knowledge."

Tomáš Hák
Senior Test Automation Engineer