Frequently asked Questions for Training and Events

If your question isn’t answered here contact us at events@tesena.com

How do I buy a training course?

Simply go to our training site or calendar and select a desired course date. In some cases you can buy the course via Eventbrite (Buy now). Better yet, click Request Offer and send us a message. You will then receive an email with additional data that we need to make your order official. This way you will communicate with us directly allowing for more flexibility in your order.

When will I get an invitation?

We have decided to upload all training course invitations online so you can download it here. It includes important information about the course as well as training instructions when applicable.

Are all course dates provided in the Upcoming courses section?

No, the upcoming courses section is updated with the planned training for the following quarter. If you want to see all planned dates of a specific training it is necessary to visit the course page directly. Alternatively see all course dates in the training calendar.

Do you provide online training?

Yes! We are currently offering ISTQB Foundation Level, Test Automation using Robot Framework and Practical Agile as an online variant.

Does the course fee include the ISTQB certification exam?

No, as a platinum partner of CaSTB we provide venues for certification exams. We try our best so that the exam dates correspond with our training dates. You can see upcoming certification dates while ordering a training course.

What is included in the course fee?

Our classroom training courses include: entry to the course, trainer, printed materials, refreshments, snacks and training room rent. In some cases lunch is also included (ISTQB, TA using Selenium & Java/Appium).

What details do I need to provide when ordering a course?

There are two scenarios here and they depend on who will be paying for the course. This information will also be provided in an email that you will be sent after filling out our Training Offer Request.

If your employer is paying, we need their:

  • Company name
  • Invoicing Details (address, VAT number)
  • Contact person (who will receive the invoice)
  • Number of Attendees
  • Attendee names
  • Attendee Email (for communication related to the course)

In case you are paying yourself, we need your:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Address of permanent residence




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