Experienced professionals

Are you experienced professional? We can accelerate your career in software testing!

  • Are you frustrated with your career progression and do you feel you are not being given the opportunity to develop the skills and experience you need? 
  • Do you share our vision that software testing should be mission critical in the organisation? 
  • Do you love to learn and be challenged about your knowledge and preconceptions?                                       

    Then you want to be a Smart Tester not just a software tester!

As you already have experience as a software tester, we are of course interested in your experience and hard skills, but we are also interested in your soft skills and your motivation for learning and improvement not just of yourself but also the testing profession.  We’d like to see that you have a passion for software testing and the ambition to be the best test professional you can be.  This means you have the willingness to learn, improve, change your perceptions and practices.

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“tesena is a place for people who like challenges. If you are interested in testing, join our smart testing team.” 

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