(CZ) Test Automation Using Robot Framework II.

For advanced testers who want to grow professionally and deepen their knowledge with Robot Framework.

About the Course

This 1 day course directly follows the basic Test Automation using Robot Framework training. It is meant for more advanced testers who already have experience with the basics of Robot Framework and would like to grow professionally and deepen their knowledge. The course will be mostly practical. We will select a web app that we’ll then examine closely. We will define use cases/ test cases that we’ll then automate, just as we would on a real project.

Another goal of this course is to familiarize participants with their own keyword creation (Python basics). There will also be a demonstration of some important RF libraries, running tests in the cloud, testing mobile apps and running tests using CI (Jenkins).

Attendees of this course should be able to work independently on web app automation projects including testing API and DB. They will be able to create code for automated tests that is easy to read and maintain and will understand the report after the test run.

Key Takeaways

How to write technical „clean“ code

Introduction to Interesting Robot Framework libraries

Running tests in the cloud


Technické požadavky

A laptop with a Robot Framework installation (Win10 or Linux) and admin rights

The newest Chrome/Firefox browser and the relevant ChromeDriver/GeckoDriver installed

A developer environment ready (PyCharm, ATOM, IDEA, etc.) + plug-ins

Optional Jenkins installation

Znalostní požadavky

Knowledge of Robot Framework basics

Basic knowledge of algorithms and Python

Course details

Course price: 7.500 CZK / 309 EUR

Course duration: 1 day ( from 09:00 to 17:00)

*All Prices are excluding VAT. Unless agreed otherwise invoices will be in CZK, for an agreement on the currency contact us at events@tesena.com. Prices in EUR are indicative and can vary based on the exchange rate.

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