(CZ) Introduction to Playwright

Get acquainted with Microsoft's browser automation library called Playwright, which is taking the testing world by storm. It is versatile and allows you to do anything you want with your browser.

Workshop content

The aim of the workshop is to introduce you to Microsoft's Playwright library, which is used to automate browsers. More information about what you will learn can be found in the section "Key Takeaways"

Key Takeaways

You will understand the construction of basic JavaScript scripts that are necessary for working with Playwright

You will learn and try out the basic functionalities of the library, for example:

Parallel execution

Working with iframes

How to take a screenshot

To verify the visibility of an element on a page

How to test cross-page and cross-domain

How to work with browser requests

How to create a Web application page representation using the Page Object Pattern

Part of the workshop will also be the connection of the Playwright library with the test runner Mocha and a demonstration of real settings


What do I need to install?

Have the option to run the console (command line or PowerShell) as an administrator

Have Git installed

Have Node.js LTS installed

Have VSCode installed

Have Chrome installed (ideally in the default directory offered during installation)

All installations should be performed in default settings, for Node.js make sure that the "add Node.js to PATH" option is checked.

What are the knowledge requirements?

Basics of programming in any language

JavaScript in the Node environment.js is an advantage

Workshop Details

Workshop price: 7.500 CZK / 309 EUR

workshop duration: 1 day (from 09:00 to 17:00)

*All Prices are excluding VAT. Unless agreed otherwise invoices will be in CZK, for an agreement on the currency contact us at events@tesena.com. Prices in EUR are indicative and can vary based on the exchange rate.

Radek Bednařík

I've been working in testing for 2 years now and it's the best job of my life. I've worked in academia, economic journalism and PR, but I've never enjoyed my work as much as I do now in testing. I focus mainly on automation using Python and JavaScipt.

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