Testing SAP in the cloud with robot framework and Qentinel Pace

Henri Terho

20. 05. 2021 od 11:00

Webinar content

Testing cloud platforms such as SAP and Salesforce in the cloud and in operational environments is typically difficult end to end. We demonstrate how you can test these cloud environments effectively with Robot Framework, which is an open source testing framework, and Qentinel Pace, a cloud platform for running your end to end testing. We show you how to create tests in the cloud and run them effectively to make sure your critical systems are running. We will show you actual cases from a few over billion dollar companies, which have gained significant efficiency gains from running their testing in the cloud and show you the actual numbers. We want you to be able to test these platforms as effectively as you can, either to guarantee your own business, or make it easier for you to manage testing your clients applications.

Key takeaways

  • Learn how to use Qentinel pace with Robot framework

  • Easily scale your testing with cloud resources

  • Learn how much more efficient it is to test with cloud resources

  • Decrease the time spent maintaining your tests down to even 20% of your time

  • Learn how we have used Qentinel Pace in actual customer cases with companies who have over one billion in turnover

Henri Terho

Henri Terho is the chief R&D Evangelist from Qentinel and is also creating a PhD on software development in startups. Henri has experience from three different startups and is now focusing on the biggest bottleneck in SW development, testing. Henri is also total scifi buff and a skydiver.