Smart Stabilization of UI Autotests with Healenium

Anna Chernyshova

31. 03. from 17:00 CET

Webinar content

Self-healing approaches in your test automation may reduce failures due to non-product related issues and improve tests stability to catch only product related defects.

All automated UI tests sooner or later catch NoSuchElementException due to the changed layout and broken selectors. As a result, the test crashes and the build turns red. In this webinar we will discuss the new self-healing automation tool - Healenium, that allows you to overcome problems of instability of autotests automatically and spend less time on test maintenance.

In the demo part we will make sure that UI changes will not affect your automated E2E test stability.

Key takeaways

  • Make your CI pipeline greener

  • Improve test automation efficiency

  • Adopt test to UI changes

  • Reduce the amount of non-product related test fails

Anna Chernyshova

Anna is a Quality Architect at Epam Systems with progressive experience in automated testing, test consulting and project coordination. She has an extensive experience in test automation tooling, how to start, drive and complete a QA project; Creator of BDD test automation library Akita and Self-healing library Healenium. Speaker on international test conferences and meetups. Believer and follower of engineering practices, BDD, DevOps and pair coding.