Quality for DevOps teams

by Rik Marselis

23. 02. from 10:30 am

Webinar content

To continuously deliver IT systems at speed with a focus on business value, DevOps teams integrate quality engineering in their way of working.

Quality engineering is the new concept in achieving the right quality of IT systems. Testing an application only after the digital product has been fully developed has long been a thing of the past. But more is needed to guarantee the quality of applications that are delivered faster and more frequently in today’s high-performance IT delivery models. The road to quality engineering means changes in terms of starting points, skills, organization, automation and quality measures.

In this interactive webinar Rik Marselis (Principal quality consultant at Sogeti in the Netherlands) introduces the new book in the TMAP body of knowledge, called “Quality for DevOps teams”. You will learn about the new VOICE model for IT delivery, about quality engineering and that quality relates to not only the IT product but also the IT process and the people involved. And you can interactively select two subjects from a group of four (qa&testing topics, CI/CD pipeline, monitoring & control, mutation testing) and there will plenty of room for asking questions. 

Key takeaways

In this interactive webinar with Rik Marselis gain new knowledge about the new VOICE model for IT delivery, quality engineering and more.

About Rik Marselis

He is is principal quality consultant at Sogeti in the Netherlands. He is a well-appreciated presenter, trainer, author, consultant and coach who supported many organizations and people in improving their quality engineering practice by providing useful tools & checklists, practical support and having in-depth discussions. Rik is an accredited trainer for TMAP, ISTQB and TPI certification training courses, but also, he has created and delivered many bespoke workshops and training courses.