Pragmatic Test Process Improvement

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Tesena Fest 2023 presentation led by Phil Royston and Martin Kudrnáč

12. 10. 2023

Palác ARA, Prague

About the Presentation

In our modern digital world, many businesses are dependent on their IT team for delivering business innovation, with the expectation that they deliver quality at speed. This could be a new challenge for your IT team and you could quickly become fearful that your test process and team aren’t currently up to the challenge. But, there’s now a second challenge that impacts on everyone, even those with the most ‘mature’ test processes and organization. The world around us is constantly and frequently changing and throwing up new challenges. What worked well yesterday, might not be working well anymore. In both of the above scenarios, your IT products, processes and people need to adapt and improve.

Is your test process and organization up to these challenges?

Most companies are actually able to answer this question for themselves, because problems show up in quality, costs and time. Some companies might be uncertain about where the problems are and how to fix them. Others may actually have a pretty good idea already, but are having problems getting stakeholders to buy in, or trouble deciding specifically what improvement to apply and what’s required to do them.

Martin and Phil would like to give you some insights about how VWFS went about improving their test process, explain what happened and what the results, benefits and lessons learned from going through this process were.

Martin Kudrnáč

Martin has been working in IT for more than 20 years, especially in finance. He worked as a solution manager and product owner in Česká spořitelna, a.s., where he managed the development of applications from business analysis to deployment in production. He currently works at Volkswagen Financial Services CZ as Head of IT Delivery.

Phil Royston

Phil is an experienced Test Manager and Test Consultant with 20 years of experience. He has helped a number of major organizations in their IT and digital transformations. He is the co-founder of Tesena and supports the company and its staff in changing the testing world.