Practical Test Analysis II.

An advanced Practical Test Analysis course focused on advanced test design techniques and their use in practice.

About the course

The goal of this 1 day course is to introduce participants to advanced test design techniques and practise them on practical examples. The training is focused mainly on testing input combinations while using various methods and tools. The attendees will learn what tools to use for specific situations and how to create an effective set of tests based on their outcome.

The training is split into a morning theoretical part and an afternoon practical part.

In the morning participants will:

  • Revise what they learned in Practical Test Analysis 1
  • Familiarize themselves with testing input combinations
  • Learn about techniques and tools for Combinatorial testing
  • Repeat using basic techniques like Equivalence partitioning, Boundary values analysis, Decision table and State transition diagram

In the afternoon, participants will focus on working with tools on various examples from practice. While solving tasks they will try out individual techniques and combinations of them so they reach maximum effectiveness with the resulting test sets.

Course duration: 1 day, from 9:00 to 17:00 CET

Key takeaways

Testing input combinations

Revision of basic techniques

Tools used for combinatorial testing

Key topics

  • Repetition of besic techniques
  • Work with practical examples
  • Testing input combinations


  • At least a year of experience in test analysis
  • ISTQB Foundation Level or a knowledge of basic test design techniques