ISTQB Series – Part 3: Why does ISTQB training pays off for employers

With the ISTQB Series I summarize my view on ISTQB certification and explain who it helps and how. In the first part I covered the basics about ISTQB and its certification scheme. In the second part, I looked at ISTQB certifications through the eyes of an employee and now I'm going to approach it from an employer's perspective for a change. 

In fact, certifications and their associated professional standards bring a number of benefits to employers as well. Some of these are common to the points I have commented on from the employee's perspective, so I will not describe them again.

ISTQB certification in general for employers

Guarantee a consistent language across teams

In entry-level certification schemes (whether it's ISTQB tester or perhaps PRINCE2 designer), one of the most important benefits is the establishment of a common terminology. There is nothing like having everyone in the team clearly know what to understand by the term Test Plan or Test Case.

Increase the quality of testing in the organization

Curricula for sub-modules are not created from scratch. Dozens of experts are involved in their creation and reflect their knowledge and experience from practice. Certified staff can then transfer this knowledge into the functioning of your organisation.

They allow you to participate in certain tenders

Particularly in the government sector, I have often encountered tender documents that directly require key roles in the supplier's team (e.g. testing manager or project manager) to be held by holders of the relevant certificate.

They help in the recruitment process

Of course, a professional certificate does not automatically guarantee that its holder will be a capable team member. However, it certainly shows that the holder has devoted some time to the subject and was able to prepare for the exam. This information can also be useful in the recruitment process.

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Author: Miroslav Renda

Mirek has been working in various project roles in the IT business for more than 25 years. For the last 8 years he has enjoyed interesting projects in large Czech banks and in the automotive industry as a test manager. He is a co-author of the book Effective Software Testing published by GRADA. He loves his two children, nature, and sports in any form.