ISTQB Series - Part 2: Why ISTQB training pays off for employees?

With the "ISTQB Series" I summarize my view on ISTQB certification and explain who it helps and how. In the first episode, I covered basic information about ISTQB and its certification scheme. Join me now for a look at ISTQB certifications through the eyes of an employee, so that next time we can focus on the employer's perspective.

ISTQB certification will bring you as an employee:

A systematic approach to expanding your knowledge

The individual modules of the certification scheme are usually well structured and appropriately combine the topics that a candidate should study.

An "external whip" that forces you to learn new things

The certification exam forces you to study the topic by a certain date (no excuses). Often topics beyond the current "operational need". That broader perspective has come in handy many times in my life.

Gaining an edge in the job market

Today it is no longer the exception that "possession" of a relevant professional certificate is a prerequisite for certain positions. If not a prerequisite, it will certainly be an advantage against otherwise comparable "competitors" who cannot prove their knowledge with a recognised certificate. In the field of testing, the ISTQB certificate is an internationally recognised proof of the required level of knowledge.

A higher level of recognition

It is not easy to pass the exam for higher levels of knowledge (in the ISTQB scheme these are Advanced and Expert levels). If you possess such a certificate, you will definitely gain respect in the professional community.

Proof of ability to understand a professional text in English

For the exams for many certificates (especially at the more advanced levels), the study materials and the exam itself are only available in English (or other "world" languages other than Czech). Often, a flawless understanding of the question text is crucial in the exam. The possession of a certificate thus demonstrates, in addition to professional knowledge, the ability to understand a professional foreign language text well.

A better definition of a career path

In human action, it is usually true that "man is goal-driven". The more extensive certification schemes offer a number of modules that allow you (or the employee) to develop progressive career goals.

Relatively low cost and worldwide validity

For many certification schemes, the certification exam is not contingent on completing a course. The learner can prepare for it by self-study. The prices are then affordable, usually between 100–200€.

Discounts for conferences included in the ISTQB Conference Network

This point is the icing on the cake and applies exclusively to ISTQB certificates. Each year, several multi-day professional conferences are held across the world under the ISTQB Conference Network umbrella. Most of them feature presentations by renowned experts in various areas of software testing. Holders of any ISTQB certificate usually enjoy a discount of between 10–20%.

So, will you advance your career with us thanks to ISTQB?

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Author: Miroslav Renda

Mirek has been working in various project roles in the IT business for more than 25 years. For the last 8 years he has enjoyed interesting projects in large Czech banks and in the automotive industry as a test manager. He is a co-author of the book Effective Software Testing published by GRADA. He loves his two children, nature, and sports in any form.