Shift Left? What does that even mean?

Tesena Fest 2023 presentation led by Maciej Wyrodek

12. 10. 2023

Palác ARA, Prague

About the Presentation

"Shift-left" is not a new term; it has been in use for more than 20 years. However, its interpretation varies significantly depending on the individual you speak to. Even within a single team, you may encounter 3-4 distinct, and at times, contradictory definitions.

During this presentation, we will delve into the term's origins in the context of testing, shedding light on its intended meaning as conceived by its author. We will then trace its evolution over the years, exploring the misconceptions that have arisen. Additionally, we will critically examine the arguments presented by its critics.

Last but not least, we will try to find out if it is still possible to find a common definition for shift-left.

Maciej Wyrodek

A knowledge seeker, Quality Consultant, Mentor, and Trainer specializing in process improvement and test automation, Maciej is always looking for new opportunities to challenge and hone his skills. He has gathered experience working for different companies with various working models, ranging from small to large corporations, from product development to in-house development and software houses. Thanks to this wide range of experiences, he possesses a broad perspective on testing quality and delivering value.

During his stay in Dublin, he realized his passion: knowledge sharing. His strong belief is that what makes us human is the ability to learn and share knowledge. This is why for almost a decade, he has been doing his best to give back to the IT community by writing articles, recording videos on his channel 'Itea Morning,' and speaking at conferences.