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Tesena Fest workshop led by Filip Hric

19. 10. 2022 from 13:00 to 17:00 CET

About the Workshop

The web has evolved. Finally, testing has also. Cypress is a modern testing tool that answers the testing needs of modern web applications. It has been gaining a lot of traction in the last couple of years, gaining worldwide popularity. If you have been waiting to learn Cypress, wait no more! Filip Hric will guide you through the first steps on how to start using Cypress and set up a project on your own. The good news is, learning Cypress is incredibly easy. You’ll write your first test in no time, and then you’ll discover how to write a full end-to-end test for a modern web application. You’ll learn the core concepts like retry-ability. Discover how to work and interact with your application and learn how to combine API and UI tests. Throughout this whole workshop, we will write code and do practical exercises. You will leave you with a hands-on experience that you can translate to your own project.

Key Takeaways

Set up a Cypress project

Understand Cypress syntax

Be able to write an effective test

Who will benefit

People who want to learn to work with Either test automation engineers, or people just starting with JavaScript.

Workshop Requirements

Knowledge Requirements

Basics of JavaScript (know what is a function, object, array, boolean)

Equipment Requirements

Notebook with node v12 and git installed. Workshop repo and installation instructions will be sent before the workshop.

About the speaker

Filip Hric

SDET & QA lead at Slido, official ambassador. I studied psychology and landed in tech, where I now combine the knowledge from both. Huge passion for music and running. Author of workshops. Always learning, blogging, streaming, and creating videos and online courses. All can be found on Father of three beautiful children.