How Testers Will Save AI

by James Whittaker

25. 11. 2020. from 18:00

About the presentation

30 years ago the world ran on paper and ink. Software shattered that world but it's quality and unreliability threatened to make a mess out of business and society. Testers answered that call and helped make the world a better place. Now AI is doing to software what it did to paper and ink. Time for testers to step up again.

Join Distinguished Engineer and Evangelist James Whittaker as he explains the future of AI and what software testers need to do right now to help the world achieve a better future.

Key takeaways

Get to know the future of AI

Find out what changes you will face in the future

Get tips for your own career

Who will benefit

Software testers and anyone interested in the future of AI

About James Whittaker

James Whittaker is a technology executive with a career that spans academia, start-ups and top tech companies. 

Following academia, James worked as a freelance developer specializing in test automation. He worked in 13 different countries over a five year period, most notably for IBM, Ericsson, SAP, Cisco and Microsoft. 

In 2009 he joined Google as an engineering director and led teams working on Chrome, Chrome OS, Maps and Google+. He was also the keynote speaker for Google Developer Days. In 2012 James rejoined Microsoft to build the Bing Information Platform and is now a Distinguished Engineer working on the Internet of Things and intelligent machines.