(EN) Unlocking Automation Brilliance with Robot Framework

30. 08. 2023 from 16:00 to 17:30 CET

Webinar led by Marina Mulyukina

Webinar Content

Are you ready to dive into the world of automation and revolutionize your testing approach? Join us for an engaging and educational webinar that will introduce you to the incredible capabilities of Robot Framework.

What to Expect?

🤖 Introduction to Robot Framework: Discover the power of Robot Framework, a versatile and beginner-friendly automation tool that empowers you to build efficient and readable test scripts.

🔑 Basic Knowledge and Setup: Learn the essentials to get started, from setting up your environment to writing your first test case. We'll guide you through the foundational concepts of the framework.

💡 Variables: Unlock the potential of variables to make your test cases dynamic and adaptable. Learn how to store and manipulate data, ensuring your scripts are versatile and maintainable.

🔄 Mastering Loops and Statements: Explore the art of repetition and decision-making. We'll show you how to use loops and statements to streamline your automation workflow and create more robust test scenarios.

📊 Parsing Excel to JSON and JSON to Excel: Dive into the world of data transformation as we guide you through the process of parsing Excel files into JSON format and vice versa. Uncover the magic that allows you to seamlessly exchange data between these formats.

Key Takeaways

Gain a solid understanding of Robot Framework's core concepts and capabilities

Write clean, readable, and efficient test scripts

Use variables, loops, and statements to create dynamic and adaptive tests

Explore the magic of parsing Excel files and JSON data interchangeably


Marina Mulyukina will guide you through the webinar

Marina is an ardent Software Tester and has been investigating the line between Software and Testing for the past 4+ years. Her love affair with 'Software Testing' began years ago, starting from a 'Manual tester' to currently 'QA automation Engineer'. She loves to spend time exploring the concepts of Software Testing, using new tools. She is fond of sharing her experiences by participating in tech communities. Marina envisions a testing landscape that thrives on innovation, collaboration, and shared expertise. As a part of Tesena's webinar, Marina aims to inspire participants to embark on a journey of discovery in Software Testing, equipping them with insights and knowledge to excel in the ever-evolving world of quality assurance. Other interesting facts about Marina - she’s a driver, likes mountains, and sometimes visit Berghain.