Embedded Software Testing

by Petr Cesak

04. 11. 2020 from 14:45

About the presentation

Many segments (space, aerospace, automotive, industry, etc.) are developing software with a common goal: to have no error in the provided code. Several standards exist: ECSS-E-ST-40C, DO-178C, MISRA C. They define software development processes, expected documentation, and coding standard. Even a company produce error-free software, there can be an existing logical error that needs to covered by integration testing. This presentation provides an overview how to develop such software and what are the challenges in test cases.

Key takeaways

Overview what are the challenges in test cases

How to identify logical errors by integration testing

Who will benefit

Team Leaders, Software Developers

About Petr Cesak

Petr Cesak is a member of team who delivered a payload software to Solar Orbiter, which is the ESA/NASA spacecraft launched in Feb 2020. He received his master’s degree (2005) at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. He started as network administrator, extended by Linux administration, CCNA courses, finished by designing industry hardware and software for ethernet network infrastructure. He established CESAK to support IoT - temperature and humidity monitoring, power plant (69-170 kWp) monitoring and control. He is regularly hired by companies in Europe to support them in design, develop and test software – multi-core architecture, software drivers. He is a member of the IET Czech Republic Network since 2005, organizing technical lectures and events including word-wide competition. The latest domain of his interest is Linux embedded software and qualified software development.