(EN) Cypress.io vs Playwright vs Selenium

Radek Bednařík and Kryštof Hadaš

10. 06. 2021 from 10:00 CET

Webinar content

High level introduction of Cypress.io, Mocha.js + Playwright and Mocha.js + Selenium frameworks followed by a comparison of their differences and similarities.

With the ongoing buzz around test automation frameworks, new and old, we have decided to break it down for you so that you can decide what might suit your needs the best. After an introduction, we will demonstrate some key differences in a live demo. We have also found some cool metrics you might be interested in.

Key takeaways

  • High level overview of:
    • Cypress.io
    • Mocha.js
    • Playwright and Mocha.js
    • Selenium
  • Understanding the suitability of a given framework to your needs
  • Brief demo based on 5 simple test cases

Radek Bednařík

I have been in testing for the past 2 years and it is the best job of my life. Due to my experience, I believe this is a fair assessment. I have worked in the academic sphere, economic journalism, and PR and I have never had as much fun in my job as I do now. I'm focused on automation using Python and JavaScript.

Kryštof Hadaš

Similarly to Radek, Kryštof also tried various carreer fields before settling down in testing. Looking back, this has been the most sensible choice of all. He always leaned towards finding a way of how things work, breaking them into pieces and putting them back together. He is currently focused on test automation using mostly Python/Robot Framework.