Test Automation for People in a Hurry

by Filip Hric

10. 11. 2020 from 14:00

About the workshop

The web has evolved. Finally, testing has too. is a modern testing tool that answers the needs of testing modern web applications. Why Cypress? It is really easy to start writing test automation in Cypress, although it is a tool that is used by professionals around the world. In this workshop, we’ll take a look into how Cypress works and will write tests together. During this workshop we will be learning by doing - writing lots of code, working with practical examples. 

Key takeaways

Understanding how Cypress works

Writing code in Cypress

Learn by working with practical examples

Who will benefit

People eager to take a quick dive into e2e testing with Cypress. That means people that are mostly interested in testing modern web applications.

About Filip Hric

QA lead at Slido, Cypress ambassador, Instructor on Udemy and Father of three children and probably a workoholic. Amateur runner and musician. Psychology graduate and awkward in unfamiliar situations. Simply just a person trying his best, failing and improving one day at a time.