BDD and in Testing a Multinational Netbanking Solution 

By Szilvia Orbán

18. 11. from 16:15

About the presentation

Szilvia is giving us a presentation about the challenges and solutions in development and testing of a multinational retail netbanking system. 

  • How do they handle different API implementations and various products and requirements in the countries?

  • What to do if the test environments are outside your control? 

  • What challenges did transforming into squad model and agile setup bring, and what roles and responsibilities do squad testers have now? 

  • Why do they use the BDD approach in the squads as a collaboration tool?

  • Why do they use and how do they mock the backend?

Key takeaways

"Feed the developers with BDD scenarios" - Shift testing left!

Collaborate, don't just evaluate! - BDD approach in the squads

Run thousands of tests every day without manual effort - Continuous testing with

Who will benefit?

QAs, QA Leads, QA Managers, Automated Test Developers, Software Engineers, Developers, Business Analysts, Product Owners, Scrum Masters

About Szilvia Orbán

Szilvia has been working in IT for 13 years and is a passionate Software Tester. She works as a Solution Quality Professional, also known as Test Automation Engineer, Software developer in testing, SDET, QA Engineer) in a squad at Erste Group IT in Vienna. Szilvia is a Behaviour Driven Development ambassador and a enthusiast. She gives talks and presentations about the topics BDD and Cypress inside and outside of her organization. Szilvia and her team use Agile and Scrum methodologies in day to day work. She believes in Continous Delivery with Continous Testing and lives by the motto "Small progress, every day!"