Back to the Roots: Test Analysis Remains the Star of Software Testing

Ladies Day 2024 presentation led by Pavla Brunclíková

7. 3. 2024


About the Presentation

Test analysis is an activity that has accompanied testing for a very long time. What makes it even more interesting is that it is talked about everywhere, but you can't actually find exact instructions on how to implement it anywhere. It is often pushed to the sidelines, especially when projects are in a time deficit or agile methodologies are applied.

So it happens that the testers analyze the situation, what to test, only at the moment when they are already physically testing, insufficient emphasis is placed on the evidence and the quality of the test scenarios.

We would like to share our recent experience on how to support the perception of the importance and usefulness of quality test analysis within the framework of project solutions in a specific company.

Furthermore, we would like to share our experience with leading and motivating the test team to a high standard of defining test scenarios in full scope.

Key take aways:

  • How to practically support test analysis in the daily work of the test team
  • Possible arguments why and to whom a good test analysis will help
  • Test data as an integral part of test analysis output and how to define it
  • Tips for test automation from the point of view of test analysis

Pavla Brunclíková

Pavla has been working in the testing for the last 9 years. She started as a test analyst on a project for a telco company, then moved to projects in the banking and financial services. In her fourth year at Volkswagen Financial Services CZ, she leads the area of testing and release management. Together with her testing team, she implemented test automation and they are constantly strengthening the importance of testing in the company. Previously, she worked as a high school and university teacher, she also worked in the field of business and HR consulting.