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Take a look at some of the services that will improve your product and make your testing more effective.

Test Management

Our Test Managers are senior testing professionals. They will define and implement the test strategy and plan, and manage the day-to-day activities of the testing team.  Through effective reporting to project management, stakeholders and sponsors they will ensure that the decision makers are receiving clear and accurate information about the progress of testing and the status of the software under test.

Integration Testing

Software systems are almost always dependent on reliable and correct systems integration. Integration can range from your website’s PayPal interface, the interfaces between your loan system and an external credit register, or the integration of your CRM, billing and accounting systems.  These functional interdependencies increase business risk, especially where the external systems are outside of your control.  The right strategy, processes, tools and skills to approach integration testing are essential to ensuring smooth and risk-free systems integration.

Test Automation

Successful implementation of automated testing is becoming more and more business critical. The need to automate is being driven by the growth of digital business, and an increasing adoption of agile development and continuous integration.  In these situations tests need to be repeated quickly, to maintain team velocity and to verify that nothing was broken by the latest build.  Unfortunately, many attempts to implement test automation fail because of unrealistic expectations, poor strategy and processes, the wrong tools or missing skills.  We can help you to avoid these pitfalls.

Test Analysis

Good test preparation is key for effective and efficient testing. Our Test Analysts will collect and assimilate information from stakeholders and analysts about their requirements and expectations.  They will use proven test analysis techniques to ensure you get the most out of the available time and resources.  They will use a risk-based approach to focuses testing on areas of maximum system and business risk.

Test Execution

Testing is tough work requiring intelligence and observation. Not only do Testers need to identify potential problems, but they also need to verify them with stakeholders, evaluate them  in terms of their impact and risk, clearly and accurately communicate them to development and management.  A good software tester has many hard and soft skills.

Manual Testing

Manual testing is critical in all situations, even when tests are also automated. There is nothing that can really replace an observant, intelligent tester who has the skills to identify errors on the “edges”, to think a little outside the box, prioritize their work according to the current situation, analyze their observations and provide immediate and clear feedback.  We can test in a detailed, formalized way or in a less formal, exploratory way. However, we will always be structured in our approach to ensure that testing is highly effective.

Performance Testing

The majority of high-profile software failures are caused by poor systems performance. Ensuring that your system can perform under both peak and sustained loads will help to ensure that your business sponsors can sleep well at night.  If your business is growing then performance testing can identify the limits of your current architecture and tell you when more investment will be needed.  If you are suffering from outages and performance blips in production operation, our performance testing architects can help you to identify the root causes of performance issues.

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