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  • Tagy událostí
  • DevOps
  • Perf Testing WS
  • SS SQL
  • SS RF
  • PL/SQL
  • Appium
  • rfII
  • JMeter
  • BasicGIT
  • IntroPW
  • Postman SbS
  • PT WS
  • SS Git a GitLab
  • Automatizácia Testov v DevOps
  • SQL pro testers
  • Playwright
  • Cypress
  • Postman
  • SS Playwright
  • Praha
  • SS
  • SS Postman
  • Cypress - Praha
  • TA Selenium Java
  • SIT SoapUI
  • RFI
  • SQL for testers
  • PTAI
  • CTAL, TA
  • CTAL, Test Analyst
  • CTFL, Core
  • ISTQB CTFL, Core
  • CTFL, Agile
  • Certification
  • Workshops
  • Automation
  • Performance
  • Databases
  • SIT
  • CTAL
  • CTFL


Kurz pokrývající základy testování softwaru potřebné pro úspěšnou testerskou kariéru.


This course covers the software testing fundamentals necessary for a software testing career.

(CZ) Test Analysis in Practice

Enough theory! Learn how to deal with test analysis and try everything in practice in a single day.

(EN) ISTQB CTAL, Test Manager

This course is ideal for experienced software testing professionals who are looking to take on a senior role.

(CZ) Performance Testing Using JMeter

Training is an entry point into performance testing which is increasingly becoming part of common testing activities, identifying errors types that wouldn't be detected by manual tests.

(EN) ISTQB Test Automation Engineer

This course is aimed at software testers who wish to further develop their expertise in automation testing.

(CZ) Test Design Techniques

A course focused on advanced test design techniques and their use in practice.

(CZ) System Integration Testing Using SoapUI

Learn how to utilize the power of the open-source tool SoapUI within System Integration Testing.

(EN) ISTQB CTAL, Test Analyst

This practical course is intended for software testers who wish to become highly-skilled Test Analysts.

(EN) ISTQB CTFL, Agile Tester

This course is about how to deliver software testing effectively in an Agile development environment.