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  • Tagy událostí
  • SS RF
  • PL/SQL
  • Appium
  • rfII
  • JMeter
  • BasicGIT
  • IntroPW
  • Postman SbS
  • PT WS
  • SS Git a GitLab
  • Automatizácia Testov v DevOps
  • SQL pro testers
  • Playwright
  • Cypress
  • Postman
  • SS Playwright
  • Praha
  • SS
  • SS Postman
  • Cypress - Praha
  • TA Selenium Java
  • SIT SoapUI
  • RFI
  • SQL for testers
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  • CTAL, Test Analyst
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(CZ) Real Project in Postman - step by step

(CZ) PL/SQL for Test Automation

Learn the basics of PL/SQL. Run tests in a loop, verify the query results against expected outcomes, and log the test runs.

(CZ) Advanced Automated Testing Using Selenium and Appium

Get more expertise in effective front-end test automation for web and mobile applications.

(CZ) Test Automation Using Robot Framework II.

For advanced testers who want to grow professionally and deepen their knowledge with Robot Framework.

(CZ) Performance Testing Using JMeter

Training is an entry point into performance testing which is increasingly becoming part of common testing activities, identifying errors types that wouldn't be detected by manual tests.

(CZ) Basic Course Using GIT and Jenkins

A course focusing on the theoretical and practical basics that relate to source code editing and continuous integration - development.

(CZ) Introduction to Playwright

Get acquainted with Microsoft's browser automation library called Playwright, which is taking the testing world by storm. It is versatile and allows you to do anything you want with your browser.

(CZ) Real Project in Postman - step by step

(CZ) Test Analysis in Practice

Enough theory! Learn how to deal with test analysis and try everything in practice in a single day.

(CZ) Performance testing workshop

Kurz seznámí účastníky s teorií v této oblasti, projdeme si typické příklady použití a jejich výsledky a v druhé části si vše vyzkoušíme na praktických příkladech formou workshopu.