by Ivo Zelenka

Main goal of the project described is to improve the efficiency of regression testing without negative impact to the app‘s quality. Regression testing is mostly done as allover campaign where most of the application important functionality is tested. Anyhow, testing non-impacted components is a waste of time and energy. We will address the regression testing only to relevant SW parts. We shall focus testing on the changed components (which is not regression testing in fact) and the components, that are in some interaction of the changed ones. So we will rapidly reduce the regression testing scope by testing only changed components and dependent components around. For this approach it will be necessary to have an actual model of application components and its dependencies. How shall we do it is the scope of this presentation.

Presentation Preview

Ivo’s bio

During the many years of his professional career in IT  Ivo went through many companies, from small local firms, to international corporations. Almost everywhere, he experienced the same sad reality – IT quality is often an underdog. And he thought, it’s time for a change. Because he like, when things work as expected, that means in a reliable, correct and friendly way – they have a high quality. He is convinced, that the quality of things we use have direct correlation with the quality of our own lives. Quality is a decisive concept for him, he expects it in both personal and professional life. When he does something, it has to be worth it.

He can offer knowledge and skills in quality management and QA, implementation and evaluation of KPI in the development and operation of SW information systems, project management and IT service management. He has experience in technical field and also in project and organizational team management. In recent years he deals with quality management in the SW development and in the field of ITSM. Ivo has a systematical and methodical approach and prefer open negotiations.

His specialization roughly said is the Quality management and assurance in SW development. Metrics and KPI design. Application and development process quality auditing. SW test management. ISO/ČSN 29119, ISTQB, ISO 9001 and 20000 implementation. Consulting use of HP ALM/QC. Release management. Trainings and workshops in QM, QA and test management. Satisfaction surveys. ITSM consulting. ITIL implementation. ICT project management.


Where you see Software Testing in future (in next 5 to 10 years)?

In my opinion the testing future will route to automation in functional testing and increase of non-functional testing. The development is more and more driven by agile approach, that’s why permanent functional changes has to be retested many times. On the other hand application SW is a part of our daily live, so it has to be simple operating, user friendly and efficient. User experience and performance are the users focus, so we have to test these characteristics deeply and perfectly.

Is testing long-term dream job forever or just on step/stop on your life journey?

My focus is on the overall applications quality. So testing is one of the most important tool for QA.

What is the biggest obstacle or roadblock in SW testing that is slowing down improvement and innovation?

Testing roughly sayed is primarily the risk minimalization. Testing doesn’t produce any new application functionality or behavior. It “only” helps to debug the applications. That impacts the lack of testing resources on the projects, because they are driven mostly by budget and deadlines. Mostly the integration testing between the projects is often a “Cinderella”.