We have a full range of delivery models. We can work within your existing team or provide you with a complete testing team. We can work onsite or perform the testing in our tesena test lab. We also provide nearshore testing services into Western Europe


We come to you

Whether it is an individual tester or a complete team, we will work on your premises alongside your teams and staff.

Physical proximity enables effective teamwork and communication. Visibility and daily contact promotes familiarity and trust on which the most successful teams are based.

Test Lab

You come to us

In case you don’t have the space or infrastructure to conduct testing onsite, we can conduct the testing in our tesena Test Lab.

We will provide all the space and infrastructure needed for the testing.  We can also host members of your team, for example analysts and business experts, so  that they can work alongside the testers.


Together remotely

Nearshoring is designed to overcome many of the barriers to effective teamwork that cause many offshore programs to fail.

However, moving the teams closer together is not enough. For nearshore cooperation to work successfully the correct governance, processes and tools must be implemented on both sides.  Our experience enables us to ensure this happens.


Ready-Made Teams

If you need a whole testing team

If you have no internal testing organization or you have a new project that your internal team does not have the resources to cover, then we can provide a ready-made team with resources covering all the main testing roles. The Test Consultant can first prepare the test strategy and plan, including resource requirements.  Based on this we will staff the team in the most optimal way.  The Test Consultant will then take a delivery management role throughout the project, ensuring that testing activities are done both correctly and effectively, and will make adjustments if the project hits unexpected problems.

Team Augmentation

If you are missing specific resources or skills

Team Augmentation enables you to add resources or specific skills either at peak times or over a longer term.  Team dynamics are critical, so it is important to know that our staff have well developed soft skills that allow them to easily and rapidly fit in with your existing team.  We can quickly adopt your internal processes.  When specialised skills are needed, we can provide our staff with the necessary training.

Independent Testing

Full service testing

In some industries, for example where safety critical systems are needed, independent testing is a legal requirement. For some organizations, testing is so far away from their core competencies that they simply want a trusted partner to take care of it for them.  We are a fully independent, professional software testing company with a solid reputation.  We are ISTQB Partners and 85% of our staff are ISTQB Certified.  This provides a guarantee of the quality of our services.

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