CzechTest 2016 throwback #3

Mirjana Kolarov is a Test Department Manager at Levi9 IT Services. For more than 8 years, Mirjana is practicing software testing on variety of projects. She loves getting her hands dirty with actual testing, and leads by example. She performed with her presentation How to actually use and how not to use Exploratory testing where she introduced how it can be useful at any time, and for any purpose. As she said Exploratory testing is one of the most powerful tools in any tester’s toolbox but at the same time it is a double-edged sword.

Watch her experience and examples in this talk, when exploratory testing was useful to her, and when it came back to herlike a boomerang.

Are you a fan of Exloratory Testing? You have a great chance then to gain some new skills in the 3-day workshop in September.


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