CzechTest 2016 throwback #2

Let us show you further one of the keynote presentations. Alon Linetzki was speaking about that how many companies have been moving into Agile, and as this has been the trend, medium to large enterprises have been making efforts to transform to be agile as well. Up until now, one would not been able to read a lot success stories of large companies moving into agile operation, but more and more we have seen this trend occuring. Operations of 500, 1000 and more engineers, have been implementing whatever large scale agile framework you can find. The most popular have been LeSS and SAFe.

In the presentation, he presented the challenges that make large companies like that move into agile (benefits), and what it takes from such a large company in order to make this transformation an expected success. The focus was on – among other things – testing and quality assurance or product quality.


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