by Vahid Garousi, Wageningen University

Can we do a better job in software testing? This usually boils to better test effectiveness (catching more defects) by our test activities and better test efficiency (executing more and “better” tests in less time). Many testers and test teams improve their software testing practices in ad-hoc manners, e.g., by reading online sources, etc. However, there are established ”models” and approaches for improvement of testing, such as the TMMi and TPI (Test Process Improvement) models. But there are many more models than just those two.
Vahid and his colleagues recently conducted a systematic review and identified 58 different test maturity models. For example, there are specific improvement models for test automation and embedded software testing.
Vahid will present in this talk a summary of those test improvement models and will also share his experience on using TMMi for test maturity assessment and improvement for a client company. The talk will benefit the audience by showing an overview of different test maturity models, and also how to use those models to improve how they and their teams conduct software testing.

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Speakers’ bio

Vahid Garousi is an associate professor of software engineering at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. He is an expert in software testing and software engineering. In parallel to his university job, he regularly collaborates with software companies as a consultant and researcher to improve software testing practices and maturity of test teams. He is originally from Canada, and he worked for many years in Canada and Turkey before moving to the Netherlands in 2017.