by Vladimír Falada

Testers dive more and more to the test automation and getting closer to developers. Make the step forward and promote your automation into Continuous Integration. During a hands-on workshop, we will have a look at how to connect tests and builds and how to build CI and CD pipelines in Jenkins.

What will you need to attend this workshop?

Just your own laptop and docker installed. You will get the settings instruction one or two weeks before the workshop.

Speakes’s bio

Vladimír is passionate test automation engineer, CI, and CD believer who worked on various projects. In my current role of QA Lead Engineer at Avast Software, he helps to build reliable automated tests to ensure that customers get high-quality products. Outside of Avast, you can meet him on test automation courses and at the University of Economics.

  • Where you see Software Testing in future (in next 5 to 10 years)

I believe that testing evolution will have two paths. The first (near future) one brings testers closer to the role of DevOps engineers that influence the quality during the whole SDLC. The second is connected to raise of AI where testers will be responsible for learning machines how to test.

  • Is testing a long-term dream job forever or just on step/stop on your life journey?

I always enjoyed software testing, because there is no straight line that you have to follow. Testers will never get bored as they explore new technologies and approaches every single day.

  • What is the biggest obstacle or roadblock in SW testing that is slowing down improvement and innovation?

The biggest obstacle is usually the human mind. If you get people around involved you can achieve almost anything you want.