Jan Hornych, Senior Test Automation Engineer, Sitecom Systems

If you want a successful automation project, you have to follow some necessary rules. In this workshop you’ll get practical information about an actual trend in test automation on android devices using Appium framework. We’ll implement a project using Maven and basic programming patterns such as a page object, page components and page factory. I’ll show you, how to build these objects in the best way to reduce a maintenance and increase a reliability. Next topic will be about a connection of tests with Appium server and mobile device. We’ll try to understand, how Appium is communicating with mobile devices and possibilities of connections between devices and computer (server), capabilities that are mandatory, installation and running android applications. Logging is also very important part of automation, so in our project we’ll use Apache log4j2 framework to logging all actions in console and log files. I’ll show you easy and fast configuration of log4j2 from xml file and AspectJ library usage for logging without an explicit call of any log function. This will give you a basic structure for your future automation project.

Required equipment: notebook with installed Java 1.8, programming IDE (Intellij IDEA recommended), Appium for Windows, own mobile with Android OS

This workshop will take place on 4th of October (8:30 – 12:30) in tesena training room at Budějovická. Registration will be possible in mid-September, organizers will contact you. Tickets are available here.