Being part of tesena team

Being part of our team means the opportunity to accelerate your career in software testing in a close-knit, open, friendly, collaborative and supportive environment.

hustef 2016 Since day one we have had ambitious growth plans and the goal to build a brand that is well respected in the testing space.  We aim to work with the most prestigious customers in a variety of business domains from all across the region.  To achieve these goals we are developing and delivering intelligent and innovative testing services using skilled and talented testing professionals.

What sort of work you will do will depend on the project and your position.  You could be testing the new web pages or eCommerce sites of a major company.  Or you could test applications that support the operations and business of a major financial institution.  The variety of types of application and what they do and how they work is endless.  As testers we are constantly learning about these applications, how they are developed and about the business that they support.

color runWe are building our Nearshoring services for clients in western Europe, which means our staff work directly from our offices in Prague and Bratislava but cooperate closely with the client’s team that is based elsewhere.  There are opportunities to travel to the client’s site.  Sometimes, these placements can be for a longer period of time, giving you the chance to experience working and living abroad. unikovka

We are also a sociable bunch who know how to have fun.  There are frequent after-work activities, either organized by the company or informal meetups and activities organized by your colleagues.  These can involve sport, food, music, drink, or all of these ;)

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